Top 5 most trainable dogs

Dogs are very friendly and loyal pets that drive you crazy just at first sight. So if you are looking for a dog to adopt that is an obedient breed and easy to train, you have come to the right place. Check out the top five most trainable dogs in this article.

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an affectionate, generally large dog with exceptional cognitive and emotional ability. In addition, it is cute and very sociable, which makes it docile, loyal and easy to train.
It is a very obedient dog that knows how to listen, with a good sense of smell it is an excellent tracker. Also, it is a good bodyguard when trained to provide security. All these characteristics make this dog an excellent pet and also make it versatile. These predispositions justify its use as a guide for the visually impaired or blind, by the police, army, etc.

The Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd also known as the Aussie is a breed of dog with an intelligent nature that likes to have fun, learn, and loves physical and intellectual stimulation. It is an easy to train dog that is very docile and submissive.
In addition to its docility, it is a very brave and loyal animal that protects its loved ones with great courage. However, its education is not easy because it requires enough patience, attention and time. This dog loves children especially because it likes to have fun.

The Malinois Shepherd

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd is a very intelligent dog that likes to have a lot of fun and loves children. Also, the Malinois Shepherd is a dog bursting with energy and sometimes a little difficult to temporize. However, they are not aggressive and are particularly protective of children.
It should be noted that the Malinois Shepherd is a dog that loves attention and likes to play in green spaces. It is listed here because it is one of the easiest dogs to train and loves to please its owner.

The Poodle and Border Collie

The poodle is a very obedient dog with a good memory that allows him to assimilate a large amount of information and loves intellectual stimulation. Better still, it is an animal that likes to stay with its master because it gets bored quickly and does not like solitude or routine. He loves to discover new things. It is docile, ingenious and has a good memory, which is why it is used in circuses.
Like the Poodle, the Border Collie has the same characteristics. It is also an intelligent dog with a great sense of loyalty and likes to make its master proud. It is a dog that does not tolerate solitude and remains very active, enthusiastic and loves intellectual stimulation. He is easy to train and requires time and attention.